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Introducing Pharmamedia Dr. Müller GmbH

Pharmamedia Dr. Müller GmbH was founded on 16.01.2013 by Dr. Rolf Müller. Dr. Müller already established in 1973 heipha Dr. Müller GmbH and directed this company for more than 30 years of successfully. After retiring, he opted for a fresh start. The focus is on the production of high quality culture media for the pharmaceutical industry. With a competent team of experienced employees Pharmamedia Dr. Müller GmbH develops and manufactures nutrient media and provides these media paired with best possible service as well as flexibility to our customers.


Our Products

Selective culture media CS - Click & Safe

single bagged
lockable petridishes
neutralizer: LTH (L = lecithin/T = tween/H = histidine)
long shelf-life
room temperature storage: 15-25°C
long incubations possible
if request, bulk buying possible
unique identification assigned by each plate with label and barcode

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