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Welcome to Safe Way Medical Supply (SMS), a regional healthcare Company founded in Jordan that offers an expanding portfolio of safe and effective healthcare products and services that improve quality, manage costs and reduce complexity across various fields.


We pride ourselves on our regulatory experience, value-based insights and infrastructure – all of which contributing to our manufactured and sourced products that meet the demand for value-driven and comprehensive

Safe Way

Safe Way is a leading provider of scientific solutions for laboratories across the Middle East

SMS established in 2020 strategic partnerships PHAEMAMEDIA, GEEVO, WAKOPYROSTAR, ELGALABWATER, PMM-LEIMEN to ensure that clients have the best available resources to meet their critical laboratory needs.

With an unrivaled support structure that includes manufacturer-certified service and training centers, SMS is the preferred choice for companies in a wide range of industries including, clinical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, environmental, and others.


Our main mission is to add value to the healthcare industry through our variety of healthcare services. With this, we aim to support as many healthcare service providers and practitioners as possible, mostly by providing excellent products and innovative solutions that are tailored to their needs.
We are always on the verge of expanding our corporate goals and adding value to the healthcare industry while fostering a healthy community and delivering commensurate dividends to our company stakeholders


Our main vision during that time has always been the possibility to expand our product line and service offering to new regions and become a one-stop destination for the most reliable healthcare services in various areas.
Our vision right now is to integrate the different challenges and opportunities into appropriate healthcare products and solutions that emphasize comfort, safety and independence – all while delivering reliability and effectiveness.
At SMS, we believe that delivering holistic healthcare solutions is not a business as usually perceived. Instead, we see it as a passion that is reflected in our commitment to quality, precision, training, innovation and professionalism.


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Service & Workshop Facility

Our main objective are to provide “Customer Satisfaction” services which are of an exceptionally high quality backed by an efficient after Sales Network for the entire region.


At SMS company, the various departments are manned by highly qualified and experience Engineers. And they are subjected to continuous development and training processes.

Marketing Target

The Company markets its products in all Hashimate kingdom of jordan. Includes old the coverage all Hospitals / Clinics of Federal and Local Governments, Private Sectors, Labs, Ministry of Defense.

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